Letter: Ottaviani for City Council

Originally published in Metrowest Daily News on October 27, 2019:

Phil Ottaviani has believed in (he is the vice president of our board of directors) and helped out Hoops and Homework, the after school programs for the most disadvantaged kids in Framingham, in so many ways.

When we were scrambling in the early days, to raise funds to get the program off the ground, Phil was there providing the know how to get the job done. The initial $81,000 grant from the town was used up and we had nothing. Phil was the most helpful person in getting the funding to restart the program.

And he has continually been a big supporter and cheerleader for Hoops and Homework ever since. Examples are a $5,500 grant from the 200 Foundation thanks to Phil, and his persuasion of the Framingham Business Assn. to become big contributors to our program. So Thanks in large part to Phil Ottaviani, Hoops and Homework is now in great financial shape and has sustainability for the future.

Phil will bring these same leadership and human qualities to the City Council. Please consider Phil’s personal compassion and empathy when you vote for your City Councilor. I believe that he will do a great job in this position. I have known Phil for many years. He is always among the first to volunteer or donate to a worthy cause, organize others to action, and resolve a conflict among neighbors.

Phil is respectful of diverse opinions, educates the public, studies the relevant issues and law, and acts in a professional manner. There are very, very few other people in our community more knowledgeable about our city than Phil Ottaviani.

Herb Chasan


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AFL-CIO of Central Mass. Endorses Ottaviani for District 6 City Councilor

Originally appeared in the Framingham Source on October 5, 2019

FRAMINGHAM – The Central Massachusetts AFL-CIO Central Labor Council has announced its endorsement of Phil Ottaviani for District 6 City Council in Framingham.

“As your next District 6 City Councilor and a proud union member for over 37 years, I remain committed to making sure Framingham continues to be a welcoming, affordable place our hardworking families to live as well as ensuring high standards in the workplace for municipal employees,” said Ottaviani. “I sincerely thank the Central Mass. AFL-CIO Central Labor Council for their endorsement of my candidacy for District 6 City Councilor.

Ottaviani has been a member of Laborers’ International Union of North America Local Union 609 since 1981.

The endorsement states: “The Central Massachusetts AFL-CIO Central Labor Council is proud to endorse Philip Ottaviani, Jr., fellow union member and candidate for District 6 City Councilor in Framingham. Philip has a history of standing up for working people and we are confident that he will continue those efforts on the Framingham City Council.”

District 6 voters will have the opportunity to cast their vote in the final election on November 5.

To learn more about Phil Ottaviani, visit his website www.philforframingham.com and follow him on Facebook at www.facebook.com/PhilforFramingham.


Source: https://framinghamsource.com/index.php/2019/10/05/political-corner-mass-alliance-calls-alvarez-a-rising-star-afl-cio-endorses-ottaviani-for-city-council/

Ottaviani Announces Candidacy for Framingham District 6 City Council

Published May 14, 2019 on the Framingham Source

FRAMINGHAM – Philip R. Ottaviani, Jr., local businessman and community activist, announces today his candidacy for City Council representing District 6.

“As someone who has seen how local government works from the inside, I am a committed collaborator who will build consensus and work towards common goals,” said Ottaviani. “Framingham will continue to face new challenges, but we need to work together to keep our city moving forward towards improvement and growth.”

A lifelong resident of Framingham, Ottaviani has been an active participant in the business, civic and community life of our community.

The experiences and lessons Phil has learned throughout his decades of service to Framingham will greatly inspire and influence his advocacy as District 6’s Councilor.

As Councilor, Ottaviani is committed to:

  • Supporting our public schools: As the father of a student at Walsh Middle School, Phil is proud of our schools and deeply believes we need to continue our commitment strong school system, that provides a quality education for all of our students, regardless of school or neighborhood.
  • Strengthening community organizations: Ottaviani knows how important community organizations are to the fabric of our community. Phil will continue to network and assist their ability to achieve their missions.
  • Keeping our community affordable: Rising property taxes, and water and sewer rates, are causing our seniors and families to leave Framingham. Phil will bring all stakeholders, from senior groups to small businesses, together to talk about our budget and hold our government accountable to produce a budget in an open and transparent process.
  • Supporting our small businesses and Downtown Framingham: Our government needs to do more to support and encourage the growth of our local small businesses, while seeking new opportunities for new business to establish themselves in Framingham. As Downtown continues to grow and change, Ottaviani is committed to supporting efforts for a vibrant and diverse Downtown.

Ottaviani is a proud member and supporter of many local Framingham organizations, including the Framingham Business Association, Framingham Rotary Club and Saint Bridget School Advisory Board.

He is the President of the 200 Foundation and a Board member of Hoops and Homework.

Ottaviani has served Framingham, including 25 years as a Town Meeting Member representing Precinct 11, and a member Framingham Economic Revitalization Task Force and the Community Development Block Grant Committee.

Ottaviani has been a member of the Zoning Board of Appeals, currently serving as chair, for nearly 20 years.

Recognizing it is time for others to serve and give back to their communities, Ottaviani has removed his name from consideration for reappointment to the ZBA.

Ottaviani’s family roots run deep in Framingham. He attended Framingham Public Schools, Marian High School, Boston College and Southern New England School of Law. He is married to Valerie, and the proud father of Julia.

To learn more about Phil, please follow his Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PhilforFramingham/