School Committee Member Ricky Finlay:

FRAMINGHAM – I enthusiastically endorse Phil Ottaviani for District 6 Council (Precinct 10 & 11).

I have known Phil almost all of my life. What I can tell you about Phil is that he loves Framingham and has been active in Framingham helping out all his life to make it a better place to work, play and live. He chose to stay here and raise his family.

Phil has supported you on Town Meeting for the past 25 years. He is a listener and cares deeply about the neighborhoods and what is happening. I had the pleasure of serving with Phil on Town Meeting and can tell you it didn’t matter what Precinct you were from he was all in when it was about protecting a neighborhood or neighborhood issues.

Phil has always been a strong supporter of the schools and not afraid to advocate to keep them strong.

Phil has never backed away and has always been there.

He supported the senior center for our seniors, the Bowditch and Loring arena projects.

I also served with Phil on the board of Hoops and Homework. I witnessed firsthand his kindness, generosity and passion for the program and its kids.

In closing, we need someone like Phil in this transition who knows Framingham, who listens and brings District 6 ideas and problems forward.

One of Phil’s strongest qualities is he is not afraid to ask the tough questions to be sure the city is run efficiently for our residents and taxpayers.

- Ricky Finlay
School Committee Member